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Shopkins Costumes and Accessories

Welcome to the world of Shopkins, where shopping meets adorable! Children will absolutely love all of the adorable play sets, party supplies, and character costumes we have available. Introduce your little ones to the Shopkins world and their imaginations will run wild! In each different shopping area the Shopkins can go on many adventures and have lots of fun, which kids will enjoy creating!

There are so many different Shopkins costumes and characters to choose from that it's hard to choose a favourite! There's Apple Blossom, Cheeky Chocolate, Cupcake Queen, Kookie Cookie, Lippy Lips, Strawberry Kiss, and many more! Don't forget to choose some matching Shopkins party supplies to make your party truly memorable, including balloons, pinatas, cups, plates, napkins, hats, decorations, and so many others.

Speaking of play sets, there are heaps of awesome Shopkins environments to collect! Take the So Cool Fridge play set, for example. Your little friends can keep cool in their new home and make friends with the other fridge inhabitants! Or what about the Small Mart Supermarket play set, where you can find new friends? There's even a Fashion Spree Boutique, Scoops Ice-Cream Truck, Collectors Vending Machine and many others! Get started on your collection today with our great Shopkins range! These toys are a great idea for kids' birthday presents or Christmas gifts.