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I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy was a much loved sitcom back in the 1950’s, and the title character Lucy is one of the most famous classic American TV icons of all time. The original I Love Lucy TV series originally ran from October 15th, 1951 to May 6th, 1957, and continued with a series of TV specials from 1957 to 1960. I Love Lucy was the first ever TV show to be shot in front of a live studio audience on 35mm film. It was the most watched show in the US for four of its seasons, won five Emmy Awards, and was even voted the best TV show of all time in 2012 by ABC News and People Magazine!

The show I Love Lucy centers around the relationship between Lucy Ricardo and her husband Ricky, as well as their best friends and landlords Fred and Ethel Mertz. Despite having very little actual performance skills, Lucy yearns to become a performer in some aspect and dreams of stardom. She is also very naive and ambitious which often gets herself and Ricky into trouble! Lucy and Ricky even have a son, Little Ricky, who is introduced in the second season.

Everyone loves the nostalgia of I Love Lucy and now you can replicate Lucy's beautiful and classic look with our range of licensed I Love Lucy costumes and accessories. Choose from our I Love Lucy Classic and I Love Lucy Deluxe Adult Costumes; these outfits are colourful, comfortable and have sizes to fit most everyone. We also have options available for kids costumes and teen costumes, as well as a sassy adult version, so everyone can be Lucy!

We also have some great I Love Lucy accessories available. Don’t forget to complete her look with the famous red wig! I Love Lucy costumes are a perfect idea for your next 50’s party.