Quality Ratings Explained

Here at Costumes.com.au, we want you to be simply delighted with your next costume purchase.

That is why we have developed our own unique rating system to help make that choice a little easier. Ranging from budget to platinum, there is a style to suit everyone!


Our budget costumes are designed to make you look and feel great in character whilst being kind to the hip pocket as well! Often there are many other costs associated with attending a party or event, so our great range of budget costumes will ensure that you can afford to look fantastic but not break the bank doing so! Of course we want you to love your costume, so there are some considerations when choosing one of our costumes from the budget range:

  • It is not designed for repeated wear and washing.
  • Thinner, more economy style fabrics are often used.
  • Details and and prints are usually printed with little or no embellishments.
  • Hems and edges are usually raw or a simple overlocked hem.
  • Simple, no fuss closures such as velcro closures at the back of the costume or just slips on.
  • May be an "all in one" costume. Costume may include faux shirt or vest which will not affect the appearance of the costume.
  • The back of the costume is often a plain, block colour and the fabric may differ from the front of the costume.
  • Sizing is often "standard". Please refer to our detailed sizing chart or call our friendly customer service team for more assistance on sizing.


Our classic costumes are very popular and are available in most genres suitable for both adults and kids and even pets! These costumes may have the inclusion of accessories to complete the look of the costume. Our classic costumes of reasonable quality are fantastic for events such as themed parties, school dress-ups and more, at prices you can afford.

  • Quality of the fabric is often low to mid range of greater variety than our budget range.
  • Can usually be hand washed or spot cleaned if necessary.
  • Some raw of overlocked hems but may have a turned hem.
  • Closures may include buttons, zippers, velcro or ties. - Trims may be of lower quality, combined with some printing at times. - The back of the costume may not follow the overall theme of the costume. - Shortcuts may be taken which will not affect the appearance of the costume. - Usually available in varying sizes or one size fits most. - Can sometimes include accessories such as masks which need to be handled with care.


If you really want that "Wow" factor, then look no further than our premium range of costumes! Our premium costumes are designed to impress even the most discerning buyer. These costumes are made with good quality fabrics and where applicable, include great accessories at no extra cost.

  • Inclusion of hemmed edges unless raw edges suit the style of the costume.
  • Closures are almost buttons and/or zippers.
  • Most often a complete costume, little or no shortcuts taken; theme or style carried throughout whole costume.
  • Often sold in a range of standard sizes. May still be available in "one size fits most".
  • Inclusion of great accessories where applicable.

Can be worn many times when care is taken with garment; hand wash or spot clean is recommended.


Our ultimate costumes are the finest quality that money can buy. These professional standard costumes will guarantee to turn heads at your next event!

  • Theatre quality costumes.
  • Materials and finishing of everyday clothing quality or better.
  • Closures include buttons, zippers and/or hooks and eyes.
  • Sold in a range of sizes for optimum fit.
  • Very detailed with intricate embellishments used to enhance the effect of the costume.
  • Usually includes numerous accessories also of high quality (if applicable).
  • Can be worn many times when care is taken with garment; hand wash, dry clean or spot clean is recommended depending on care instructions.

Please note that price does not always depict quality. Brand and licensing also have an effect, along with quality attributes.