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Where's Wally costumes and accessories

Made famous by those crazy look and find books, Where's Wally? is loved by everyone young and old. The series, which is also known as Where's Waldo? in the United States and Canada, originated as a series of children's books created by English illustrator Martin Handford. They began publication in 1987 and are still published to this day! The challenge of the books is to locate Wally and his friends, who are often hiding in busy scenes.

Wally was famously adapted into an animated TV series called Where's Wally?: The Animated Series. The show only aired for one season but survived long afterwards in reruns, and is still immensely popular many years later. The premise of the show is Wally and his friends Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, and Woof going on adventures together in magical lands, and solving mysteries and puzzles. The group is often followed by the villainous Odlaw who wants to steal Wally's magical cane.

People of all ages and genders will find something to love with our great range of licensed Where's Wally? costumes. Check out our adult costumes like the Where's Wally Costume Kit, Wenda Adult Costume Kit, Where's Wally Plus Costume Kit and more. We have sizes to fit most everyone and you never know whether your Where's Wally? costume will make you stand out from the crowd, or blend right in!

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