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Beetlejuice Costumes and Accessories

Beetlejuice is everyone's favourite 80's comedy fantasy film. Released in 1988 the movie tells the story of the titular Beetlejuice, played by Michael Keaton, who is an obnoxious and devious ghost trying to help a recently deceased couple, Adam and Barbara, haunt their old home. The couple's aim is to drive the new owners out of their home so they can have it to themselves - but they get up to some crazy hijinks with Beetlejuice along the way! The movie was directed by Tim Burton and was followed up by a cartoon TV series as well as costumes, merchandise, theme park rides and even "face characters" at theme parks.

Our Beetlejuice costume range includes male costumes, female costumes, teen costumes and accessory kits. Men will love dressing up as Beetlejuice himself; dressed as this character you will stand out from the crowd and maybe even win the costume contest! Just work on getting Beetlejuice's accent right and you can fool anyone.

We also have sassy female dress versions of the Beetlejuice costume for any ladies out there looking to put a creative spin on the character. Just add some black boots and smoky makeup and you're good to go! There are also teen sizes available for teenagers or small adults to fit into. There's something here for everyone to love!

Beetlejuice makes the perfect costume for an 80's themed party, Halloween party or even a letter B themed party. You could wear your Beetlejuice costume to a fantasy themed party or event, or even a convention! People will love seeing you turn up as their favourite 80's character. Don't forget to grab some costume accessories to go with your outfit, such as wigs, masks and more. All these items can complete your Beetlejuice character and convince everyone that you are the real thing!