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Zombie Costume Ideas for a Memorable Halloween

adults zombie costumes Zombie Halloween costumes

Move over, witches, ghosts, and goblins. Make room for zombies! Thanks to blockbuster movies and TV shows like "The Walking Dead," zombie Halloween costumes are more popular than ever this year. That's great news for anyone looking for a spooky costume that will scare the boots off trick-or-treaters. Zombie fancy dress outfits are perfect for Halloween parades and parties too. From undead prom queens and pirates to creepy creatures fresh from the grave, these zombie costume ideas are sure to make Halloween a memorable affair.

Adult zombie Halloween costumes
Two themes dominate this year's collection of zombie costumes for men and women: fear and fun. There's a broad array of outfits available designed to make the flesh crawl, including zombie butchers, doctors, and clowns. Undead grooms, brides and worked-to-death office workers fall into this category too. Gruesome masks, ghastly make-up and blood-spattered clothing make these zombies all the more fearsome. Adult costumes like zombie hot dogs, bananas and sock monkeys, on the other hand, are just for giggles. Their sheer silliness ensures they elicit belly laughs.

boys and girls zombie costumesZombie costumes for boys and girls
Kids love dressing up in scary costumes for Halloween, and zombie outfits are all the rage. Parents love the fact that quality zombie costumes are available at affordable prices. For girls, the chance to wear spooky make-up is just as fun as choosing the right costume. Outfits like zombie beauty queens and cheerleaders are bestsellers. Fancy dress costumes with tattered tutus are favourites too. Boys lean towards zombie costumes that come with creepy masks, the scarier the better. Zombie rock stars, skeletons, and ninjas are popular for boys of any age.

Zombie makeup
Make-up plays a huge role when it comes to portraying a zombie character in spooky style. Deathly pale skin, sunken cheeks, and shadows around the eyes are a must. Equipped with face paint and pencils in multiple colours, zombie make-up kits make it easy to achieve the look. Extras include creepy make-up items like fake blood and tooth black. Prosthetics make a big difference too. From tangled wigs and misshapen teeth to scars, stitches and bullet holes, spooky accessories take zombie costume ideas to the next level.

Zombie special effects
Like the special effects in a horror movie, costume props and accessories can make zombies look all too real. The effects don't have to be complicated to be effective. Complete with white gauze material and fresh-looking blood stains, a bloody arm bandage goes on in an instant. A cleverly designed headband can make a zombie look like he's taken a cleaver to the head. For something that people will talk about long after Halloween is over, it's hard to match the effect of a zombie baby that's actually a hand puppet!

Get creative with zombie costume ideas this Halloween! From masks and make-up to props and prosthetics, it's the extras that make zombie-themed costumes stand out from the masses of undead hordes.