When is Halloween 2018?

Is it here yet? Halloween is coming and trick-or-treaters can't wait for their chance to scare up some fun. Across Australia, the young (and the young at heart!) are picking out costumes to wear at Halloween 2018 events, parades, and parties. While the observance of the holiday is relatively new in Australia, it's a tradition that goes back to the UK and Europe in the Middle Ages, with Celtic origins. It marks the evening before All Saints' Day when people would dress up as saints and share food with their neighbours. Here's what you need to know about modern-day Halloween, Australia style.

When is Halloween?

Around the world, Halloween takes place on the 31st of October each year. Halloween 2018 is no exception. This year, Halloween falls on a Wednesday, which is a school night for most children. Many schools give a nod to the holiday with spooky decorations like jack-o-lanterns and costume parades for the kids. These school activities serve as an exciting overture for the fun that comes later as children hit the sidewalks in pursuit of sweet treats.

When does trick-or-treating start?

Traditionally, trick-or-treating begins at dusk where the sun still provides some light for the little ones. Many families wait until after the evening meal so the kids won't fill up on candy. It's a good idea for young children to finish up an hour before bedtime so they have time to come down from their sugar rush! Older kids tend to start their trick-or-treating later. Setting a curfew for them helps avoid complaints from neighbours who are accustomed to going to bed early.

Going door to door in search of candy and treats isn't the only option for fun on Halloween 2018. Fancy dress parties and scary haunted houses are becoming increasingly popular too. Decorating your front garden with creepy props and decorations is a fun-filled activity as well. However you celebrate the holiday, you'll enjoy the festivities all the more when you're dressed up in a cute, scary, silly, or trendy costume. Happy Halloween!

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