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New Qantas Costumes for Kids Who Love to Travel

As our new collection of Qantas mini uniforms proves to perfection, costumes for kids aren't just about dressing up for special occasions. Fancy dress can also give children the inspiration they need for their dreams to take flight. For kids who love to travel, Qantas costumes let them imagine what it's like to jet off to faraway locations. Fashioned to look just like the real deal, these mini-me outfits are also perfect for children interested in a future career in aviation. Created by Australian fashion designer Martin Grant, Qantas costumes encourage boys and girls to aim for the skies.


Qantas costumes for boys and girls

Qantas captain's costume
Most kids agree that piloting anĀ airplane is one of the coolest jobs around. The unisex Captain costume lets little flyers imagine the thrill of piloting a plane from take-off to landing. Equipped with a navy blue jacket, a crisp white shirt and matching trousers, the costume is instantly identifiable as a Qantas pilot. Four gold stripes embroidered on the shoulder let everyone know the uniform belongs to a Captain. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, the Captain costume is just as durable and as comfortable to wear as the real thing.

Qantas captain's hat
No Captain's costume is complete without an authentic-looking hat. It's the accessory that makes a commercial airline pilot stand out from the crowd. Sold separately, the navy blue Qantas Captain's hat demonstrates Australian pride with a stylized emblem of a gold kangaroo and embroidery inspired by the country's national flower, the golden wattle. The hat's classic style pays homage to the Qantas logo first introduced in 1947.

Crew costumes for boys and girls
Qantas mini uniforms for the cabin crew allow children to pretend they're flight attendants on one of the world's best airlines. Kids love the idea of jetting around the globe while looking out for the welfare, safety and comfort of passengers. The girl's crew costume features a navy blue dress with authentic red and fuchsia detailing. A matching scarf and belt are included in the outfit. The boy's crew costume comes with a white shirt, navy blue trousers, a vest and a tie.

Designed for boys and girls ages 3 to 8, the Qantas collection of mini uniforms encourages children to develop a passion for travel at an early age. Dressing up in these high-flying costumes can lead kids to consider a career in aviation too. When children dream big and reach for the skies, they're more likely soar to new heights of success.