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He's Back! Halloween Movie Returns in 2018!

Michael Myers Halloween CostumeHe's back! After spending the last 40 years in captivity, the slasher character Michael Myers returns for another round of mayhem and murder in the new Halloween movie. What's new about the eleventh installment of the Halloween franchise? This time around, the masked killer faces an unexpected adversary. Ignoring the nine sequels that came before it, the narrative picks up with the character Laurie Strode plotting revenge. Scheduled for release in October 2018, Halloween is sure to be the must-see film of the trick-or-treat season.

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Return of the original characters

Revisiting the role she made famous in the first Halloween movie, American actress Jamie Lee Curtis is back as the character Laurie Strode. Now a grandmother, she's spent the last 40 years preparing herself for another confrontation with the crazed killer Michael Myers. "I pray every night he would escape," she says in the trailer, "so I can kill him." Nick Castle and stuntman James Jude Courtney are reprising the role of Michael Myers they shared in the original movie. Series co-creator John Carpenter is also back, serving as a consultant and composer for the new film.

Halloween movie synopsis

While Carpenter describes Michael Myers as "a force of nature," the creators of the new Halloween movie wanted to ensure the character wasn't portrayed as invincible. That's made clear in the trailer with a storyline that starts with a detective visiting the imprisoned killer. Laurie Strode is banking on his vulnerability too. Anticipating his inevitable escape, Strode has spent decades honing her fighting skills. After barely surviving her first encounter with the masked figure, she's turned her home in Haddonfield, Illinois, into a high-tech fortress. Will she prevail?

Michael Myers costumes

Fans of the Halloween franchise will want to snatch up Michael Myers costumes well before the new movie's release in October. They've long been favourites for costumed events from Halloween to horror-night parties, and they're destined to become even more popular this year. Bestsellers include Michael Myers masks crafted in latex or vacuform. For a frighteningly authentic look, officially licensed Halloween masks offer exceptional value. A real-looking plastic knife prop adds a blood-curdling final touch. Get ready to scream! Michael Myers costumes are guaranteed to deliver the scares.

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